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NeoCities allows you to create your own free web site!

What kind of look and feel can my web site have?Anything you want! It's just HTML. It's your site, your vision. You can make it as normal or crazy as you want. You're the artist, you're in control. Make a site about you, or make it about cats that play Dungeons and Dragons, or make a Daft Punk Fan Site, or a Daft Punk Sucks Site.
What information can I put on it?Anything you want, as long as it's not illegal to host it in the United States (note to government: stuff that is actually illegal, not just stuff that embarrasses you or reveals your unconstitutional (and hence illegal) spying programs). We don't care if it offends somebody, or you remain anonymous.
Do I own my content?Yes, you do. It's yours. We're just giving you a place to host it.
How much space do I get?10 Megabytes. You can have HTML, Images, Text, CSS, Markdown, and JavaScript. That's it.
How are you paying for this?With donations. It's not that expensive. If you feel this is a useful service, click here to contribute!

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